NVFR Night Flying Qualification

This rating is necessary for being allowed to perform cross country flights at night.


As a requirement of this qualification the student has already to hold a PPL-N (national) including CVFR rating or PPL-A EASA-FCL.

Theoretical training

There is no theoretical training required.

Practical training

The practical training contains at least 10 start and approaches at night flying solo. Furthermore, the student has to perform 5 flight hours at night, 3 hours of which together with a flight instructor and at least one flight hour of Streckenflug.


Neither a theoretical nor a practical examination is required. After having completed all flight hours to provide, the student submits a completed application form, signed by the flight instructor, to the responsible regional aviation authority. Afterwards, you will be granted a new license including the registration of NVFR.




Minimum 1 hours of Groundschool

Practicle phase

Minimum of 10 night take offs and landings. 5 hours of flight training, with 3 hours with flight instructor and a minimum of 1 hours cross country night flight.