MEP Class Rating

Class rating MEP allows you to acquire the class rating of multi-engined aircrafts. Furthermore this rating is a premise of the acquisition of IR(A) MEP.


As a requirement of this rating the student must already have absolved 70 hours of flying time as a PIC.

Theoretical training

The theoretical training contains 10 hours including the familiarisation with the aircraft type Diamond DA42NG.

Practical training

The practical training contains 6 flight hours (block time), whereby our Diamond DA42NG is serving as the training aircraft.

  • 2,5 h flight time together with a flight instructor

  • 3,5 h flight time together with a flight instructor focused on training engine failures and asymmetrically flight conditions


The training is completed by a practical examination.





10 hours of Groundschool with focus on the Diamond DA42NG


Practicle phase

6 hours of flight training on Diamond DA42NG

Practical exam