Transportation & business travel flights

We are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your freight reaches its destination in time.

In business life decisions mustn't be delayed. Within business trips time plays a big role und we guarantee with our full-service and our modern machines that you will arrive without waiting time and delay. You will arrive anytime and anywhere and that's with big certainty and in a minimum amount of time.

Furthermore, we are experienced for years in transporting time-critical dangerous goods and individual express freight.

With our business travel aircraft for up to 6 passengers we will transport you comfortably to your destination - from and to smaller airports quite close to you - Europe-wide.

Flying with an airline you will only reach about 400 airports in Europe. With us you are able to get to more than 2000 airports in Europe! Directly and fast, according to your time schedule and of course day and night. If you wish, we will wait for you. We provide comfort and security.

Relax and enjoy your stay on bord with a premium catering.

Further services

Fly a simulator by yourself

Operate an airplane in a fully certified flight simulator. The Business-Turboprob Beechcraft King Air 200 GT will be completely under your control. Learn more about systems that aren't even standard in large airline airplanes.

Fly an airplane by yourself

Your dream comes true - being a pilot for once. After a detailed instruction and under professional supervision of a flight instructor you have the opportunity of controlling the machine (Sila 450C Ultraleicht, Cessna 152 or Cessna 172) by your own. For some people this is the beginning of a great passion.

Sightseeing flights

We are performing commercial sightseeing flights with our Air Carrier AOC D-374 EG.
You can be sure that you will realise your sightseeing flight with us in best maintained aircrafts. Furthermore, only special trained and experienced commercial pilots are employed for every sightseeing and trial flights.

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