CRMI Crew Resource Management Instructor

The CRMI - Crew Resource Management Instructor course aims to teach you how to implement CRM training courses in aviation companies under EASA Part OPS. Our experienced CRM trainers / examiners will teach you the knowledge you need to pass on your valuable skills as a CRM Trainer to your students. The CRM Train the Trainer course concentrates on deepening the procedures described in the EASA Part OPS.

In the course, you acquire the teaching qualifications to train Crew Resource Management according to EU-OPS Subpart N (Flight Crew) 1,943; ACJ OPS 1.945 / 1.955 / 1.965. The goal is to provide you with techniques and practical examples, so that you can plan and implement CRM seminars in air companies. If necessary, you can, after a supervision, execute EASA Part OPS licensed CRM seminars on your own responsibility.

Duration: 3 days with ca. 24 teaching sessions.


- Aviation qualification (currently holder of a valid license/or used to be holder)
- Proof of a previous CRM Initial training course
- educational knowledge or knowledge as a flight instructor is an advantage

Course language: German or Englisch

Theoretical training




Day 1




  • Basics of adult education
  • Adaption to target groups
  • Use of media

Day 2

Organisation saftey culture


CRM subject overview

  • Implementation of CRM in companies
  • Systematical proofs of training
  • RepeatationF

Tag 3

CRM for advanced participants

CRM training in aviation companies

Preparation for practice

Examples for practice

Preparation of theory

  • Consolidation of training sessions
  • CRM – yesterday - today - tomorrow
  • How to organize a CRM - training
  • Von der Planung bis zur Durchführung
  • Creating a syllabus for a company
  • Examples in practice
  • Compilation and creating of training material
  • Preparation of training


After the course, you will receive material for the independent planning and organization of your CRM course.

If you wish, you can receive the Supervision of a CRM initial course from one of our CRM trainers in an aviation company, where you teach as a trainer. After successful Supervision, you can independently perform CRM courses and issue certificates for them.