CRM / DGR training

Crew (or Cockpit) Resource Management Training (CRM) is a training for the flight crew, which shall train and improve their non-technical skills. There are mainly the following four categories in focus: coorperation, situational attention, managerial behaviour and decision-making. The element "communication" is a continuous process which is represented in each of the four categories.

CRM-trainings are an established part of the flight crew's training. According to the regulations, defined in EU-OPS, this training is mandatory and needs to be repeated every three years. The same is valid with respect to military aviation. Furthermore, CRM skills are also assessed in civil aviation with the help of LINE-checks. Apart from technical skills CRM shall sharpen the awareness of interpersonal relation, which is a constant companion.

Being aware of procedures and processes within this sector will not only improve professionalism but also combine all of the flight crew's mental resources on board. The capacity for teamwork is increased and aviation accidents due to human failure are decreased. A very important element of CRM is the use and disclosure of every information (of vital importance) within the crew - both internally as well as between cockpit and cabin crew.