Advanced UPRT

The aim of the Advanced UPRT training acc. EASA FCL.745.A is to equip the flight crew with the necessary skills to prevent and remedy flight conditions outside of normal line operations or training. UPRT stands for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training and is a combination of theoretical knowledge and aeronautical training.

Upset Prevention Recovery Training has been mandatory for commercial pilots since December 20, 2019 (transition period until 2021).

According to the EU Commission, Upset Prevention Recovery Training "on aircraft" is an appropriate strategy to avoid undesired flight conditions or loss of control of aircraft (which are major risk factors and can lead to fatal accidents in commercial air traffic). The training to avoid and end undesired flight conditions must be integrated into different phases of the career of professional pilots, according EASA.

Target group

Pilots who already have a CPL (A), ATPL (A) or MPL license and who have a type rating from December 21, 2019 on a model in which two pilots are mandatory (multi-pilot airplane) or a rating for an high performance aircraft.

Pilots who have already started training for CPL (A), ATPL (A), MPL or courses for classes and type ratings before December 20, 2019, will postpone this to December 20, 2021 (the current training must be completed by this time).



  • min. LAPL (A) / PPL (A)
  • min. Class 2 medical certificate


Course language is German or English

Theoretical training

5 hours classroom instruction (Videos, CBTs, practical examples)

in the following topics:

  • Human factors
  • Aerodynamics causes and factors for disturbances
  • Unwanted aircraft conditions
  • Detection of faults
  • Threat and Error management
  • Energy management
  • G-Forces: Explanation and Management


Practical training

3 hours flying time for each student

  • Understanding of basic aerodynamics and flight dynamics to mentally integrate an understanding of the angle of attack and energy state
  • Prevent malfunctions in the aircraft system and caused by the pilot, as well as to remedy malfunctions
  • Threats and Error to manage
  • G-consciousness training to expose students to the physiological aspects of g-loading (positive / negative / lateral g-events)
  • Trajectory management training

Duration of training

The theoretical and practical training usually comprises 2 days. In case of bad weather conditions the duration will be extended.

After having successfully passed the course each course student will get the Advanced UPRT certificate from AEROTOURS ATO directly at the end of the training.

Aerobatic aircraft Robin R2100A

Aerobatic aircraft Robin R2100A

The training will be conducted on our fully aerobatic side-by-side seater aircraft
Robin R2100A which has a load factor of +6/-3 G. Equipped with inverted oil system, G-Meter, rescue parachutes
s well as many other systems which meet the most modern standards in aviation,
we are able to prepare you best for your pilot career.



incl. Certificate and learning material

Advanced UPRT course only 1690,- EUR

Modern accommodation at our training campus for 2 nights from only 90,- EUR

For a group of at least two participants, you can choose individual course dates. (subject to availability)




5 hours of theory groundschool

Practicle phase

3 hours of practical Aircraft training

Course certificate

Course Certificate acc. EASA FCL.745.A